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Altair provides consultancy for the development
of PPP initiatives and for the design,
construction and management of works in the service sector.

Over the years Altair Ltd has developed a know-how of absolute importance in the cemetery sector; through its internal structure it is able to manage the preparation of projects of complete feasibility with particular expertise in the development of private and public partnership initiatives by carrying out analysis on the potential users basin of a structure and / or a service. It elaborates business plans, contract schemes, management plans and the whole documentation useful for the preparation of proposals above all through the finance of the project. Altair Ltd is today able to provide advice both to public administration and to private subjects useful for the development of PPP initiatives for the design, building and management of works and in the services sector.

The on-going revising on changes of national and regional prescribing rules and the prompt mapping of the whole national territory also through the use of specific software has allowed Altair Ltd to also become a mentor for the first analysis on potential user basins and for the appraisal of whether or not new investments should be done in a specific socio-economic area.

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A wide network spreaded throughout Italy to provide quality customer service. “Altair Group” is that.

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Registered office and administrative headquarters
  • Viale dell'Arcoveggio 74, 40129 Bologna (BO)
  • Tel: 051.4173959
  • Viale dell'Industria 22, 28844 Villadossola (VB)
  • Tel: 0324.46382
  • Fax: 0324.751053

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